“Jui-Lan Huang is a pianist richly gifted with skill and artistic talent. Imagination, intellect, emotions and virtuosity – she has it all – intertwined, interwoven, branched, tied together.”
Anatol Ugorski
“She is a spirited, vivacious pianist.”
Vladimir Krainev 
“Jui-Lan Huang expressed with indescribable nuances of touch, a roller coaster with great energy and sensitiveness.”
Zeitung “Neue Westfälische”
“… she played with such expression and pianistic sophistication, that the physical limitation can‘t be detected… Jui-Lan Huang captivated the audience.
Zeitung “Westfallen-Blatt”

Hailed by the German press “Neue Westfälische” for her “exceptional sensitivity“ and praised by the legendary pianist Anatol Ugorki as a “highly gifted with skills and artistic talent“, Jui-Lan Huang delights audiences on international stages.

A versatile pianist, Huang often performs solo recitals, concerti and chamber music. She has performed at many prestigious venues such as the Konzerthaus Berlin, Gasteig Munich, Slovenská Filharmónia, Auditorio Ciudad de León, Mozarteum Salzburg. Additionally she has been invited to perform at many music festivals including “The International Holland Music Sessions“ and “Musikfest Freiburg“. Inspired by nature and a mixture of western arts and asian philosophy, the German trained, Vienna based Taiwanese pianist founded the “Art of Silence“ concert series which regularly performs in Europe and Asia, combining literature, photography and the visual arts.

The prize winning pianist is a recipient of amongst other prestigious prizes and honours, the first prize at the Taiwan Trinity College London First Piano Competition, Taipei County Music Competition, Taiwan National Music Competition of Baroque, National Victory Trophy, and the Ibiza International Piano Competition Special Prize as well as the Oscar und Vera Ritter foundation prize. She has also received significant artistic guidance from luminaries such as Pavel Gililov, Wladimir Krajnew, Bernd Goetzke, Michel Béroff, Vitaly Margulis, and Valery Pyasetsky.

Jui-Lan began her musical journey at age six and pursued higher artistic training at the Hochschule für Musik, Theater und Medien Hannover under world-renowned musicians Prof. Einar Steen-Nøkleberg and Prof. Matti Raekallio. She is also the recipient of sought-after scholarships from the DAAD(German Academic Exchange Service), the GSSA(Government Scholarships for Study Abroad, Taiwan), ERASMUS, and the “Musik braucht Freunde” Hanover.

With a commitment to future generations, Huang teaches piano majors at the Franz Schubert Conservatory Vienna and gives masterclasses in Europe and Asia. She also has recently been appointed as Artistic Director of Viennese “Pro Resonance” Association. Jui-Lan believes that humanity can transform itself through music education into a more perceptive and illuminating society. Huang also dedicates time to the lifelong pursuit of artistic depth deriving from various cultures and arts, painting and meditation are amongst many of her activities and inspirations.


About “Art of Silence”

The concert series was born in an intensive phase of meditation. Huang is inspired by the beauty and purity of Śūnyatā, which is a means of gaining an insight of ultimate reality. Huang constructed the concert program based on the philosophy that everything including life itself is cyclical, a metamorphic form. By creating a cosmos of sound and time in a constant state of flux, Jui-Lan breathes new life into each individual theme. She often combines her concept with poetry, visual arts and other forms of media.

“The music is not in the notes, but in the silence between.”         Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

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